Our Taxation contains following abilities:
  • Explanation
  • Wood harvesting Plan
  • Report manager
  • List manager
  • Filter Manager
  • Export/Import (Access, Oracle)
  • Split and Merge


This software divides jungles as bellow:

  • Forest Enterprise.
  • Forest Territory.
  • Section.
  • Sub section.

In this way each jungle is divided into small divisions, which are called parcel. Four upper attributes are used for identifying each parcel.


Each forester who works with this system is able to modify the info of each parcel. This modification consists of specifying several layers with their portion in a parcel, their trees and their crop and etc.


All above items exists in "Explanation" process.



Report manager, List manager, Filter Manager


Viewing desired data with filtering system.

  • Defining new filters for selecting considered data.
  • Creating new reports which are related to users’ requirement.
  • Filtering system can be used with several applications.
Wood Harvesting Plan


Some calculations which at last has some results for wood harvesting.
Displaying statistical charts.



Export/Import (Access, Oracle)


All forestry Information exists in an oracle Database which can be exported into Access / SQL Server database. After all necessary modifications in explanation step, manipulated data will be imported into Oracle database again.



Split and Merge


After data is exported into Access / SQL Server, data is split into several Databases for different foresters. When each forester manipulates his/her specified data then before importing it to oracle Database it should be merged with those databases again.



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